What Are the Dangers of Texting While Driving?

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Texting while driving can be worse than driving under the influence (DUI). When using any technology that can require you to take your hands and eyes off the road, or cause any distraction, it can instantly become a danger not only to you but to other drivers as well. A death due to drunk driving occurs every 48 minutes. (“Distracted Driving VS Drunk Driving: Which Is Worse? | Visual.Ly”)

Distracted driving can take the drivers eyes off the road. This includes text, talking on the phone, changing the radio stations or cd’s, eating and drinking, talking to others in the vehicle, using a gps. Texting while driving is the most hazardous and deathly of all distractions while driving. Texting uses cognitive, manual and vision attention. (What is distracted driving?)

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For most teenagers driving is a dream come true, however a tiny distraction this dream becomes a huge nightmare. Technology has advanced rapidly over the years and has quite often taken over our minds, youngest people are not able to be unattached from cell phones and this has become a big problem in the u.s. The driver is at a huge risk but is also risking lives of many others, passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. We must put a stop to the use of technology while driving.

Sending or receiving a simple text message takes your mind and eyes off the road for about, 4.6 seconds. You would think 4.6 is nothing right? Until you think of it when driving 55 mph, is the equivalent of an entire football field! Think of this as blind driving (what is distracted driving.)

Texting and driving is a multitasking activity,

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