What Are Some Literary Devices in ‘A Rose for Emily’?

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The story starts off at a house in Jefferson, Mississippi. The overview of the years will give readers a clue about the overall story. In 1893, Emily’s father dies.

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The next year, she meets a guy named Homer Barron and is last seen entering Emily’s home in 1895. The townspeople become concern of the disappearance of Homer. In 1899, Emily stops opening the door and does not leave the house till after five years later. In 1925, the new generation of the IRS comes to ask Ms. Emily about her taxes. Through symbolism, imagery, and allegory, narrative point of view, and theme, we are able to look at “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner deeper than its words.{Transition}.

{Topic sentence}. The house was built in 1870. According to the narrator, he states, an eyesore among eyesores (451). The house is described as a white squarish frame with spires and scrolled balconies. This states that Emily’s father was doing well for his business after the Civil War. The house also is a symbol for family. She wanted to go from daughter to wife to mother, but sadly, that did not happen. She was stuck at just being a daughter. The house was an image of Emily. As Emily grew older, so did the house. As everyone in the town knew she was getting old and was not going to get married any time soon, the previous quote is true; Emily and the house are both coming off as a tragic eyesore. Just as the constant struggle between the past and the future for Emily began,

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