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Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755, on Nevis, an island in the West Indies. Before he was born, his father, James Hamilton abandoned his mother, Rachael Faucett Lavien. Soon after, she opened a general store, where Alexander worked as a young boy. He eventually became a clerk for Beekman and Cruger, a merchant firm. (Leffler).

Before the Constitution was written, Hamilton was an active member as a proponent for the freedom of the country. He dropped out of King’s College in New York City due to the American Revolution when he joined the military in 1775. He rose to the rank of captain, and served alongside George Washington. However, due to a dispute, he left Washington, however, he was given command of a light infantry battalion. The force left to confront Cornwallis, until his final loss at Yorktown, when Hamilton resigned. (Leffler).

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Hamilton began his life as a statesman when he was elected as a delegate to Congress by the New York Assembly. His career was short lived, as he attempted to work with the Preliminary Treaty of Peace with Britain. However, one of his most significant contributions as a delegate, was one that would result in a movement that would change the country to form the United States: a call to correct the Articles of Confederation. This led to the Annapolis Convention – a large scale failure with only twelve delegates from five states. Due to the inability for such a small group to do anything, Hamilton proposed a convention in Philadelphia – one that initially was made to edit the Articles of Confederation – but led to the creation of the Constitution. Hamilton was a key figure in generating the movement and support that created the footings of the country, as a Founding Father of the country. This resulted in the short term effect of the Constitutional Convention. (Leffler).

Hamilton made significant contributions to support the Constitution’s ratification in his state of New York. One of greatest ones was the collection of essays named The Federalist, written by himself,

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