Ways to Take Action against Child Labour

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Analysis of the situation:

Obtain information from the Ministry of Labour on the national law regulating employment of children, more specifically:

  • Provisions regarding the minimum age for employment that will enable you to meet legal requirements.
  • A hazardous child labour list that will enable you to revise the tasks for children above the minimum working age and reassign them to work in safe, non-hazardous conditions while securing their access to appropriate education or training.

Reliable techniques to check age include the following:

  • Medical examination prior to employment.
  • Multiple written documents and affidavits.
  • Culturally sensitive interviews with employees and applicants who appear to be too young.
  • End of compulsory schooling certificate for those above minimum age.
  • School enrolment certificate for those in light work.

Guidance for governments (and social partners) on work that may be hazardous for children, and could therefore be included on a national list, is given in the ILO’s Worst Forms of Child Labour Recommendation, 1999 (No. 190), Paragraph 3:
In determining the types of work referred to under Article 3(d) of the Convention [No. 182], and in identifying where they exist, consideration should be given, inter alia, to:

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(a) Work which exposes children to physical, psychological or sexual abuse.
(b) Work underground, under water, at dangerous heights or in confined spaces.
(c) Work with dangerous machinery, equipment and tools, or which involves the manual handling or transport of heavy loads.
(d) Work in an unhealthy environment which may,

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