Ways To Influence On The Government

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While many people often believe that they have a say in how the government is run, that usually isn’t the case. Although there are countless ways to try and influence the government, many attempts are simply ineffective. And, while one can’t dictate government policy, it is possible to influence the government. However, not all attempts, such as lobbying and elections, in doing so are successful. The bitter reality is, that whoever holds the money, is more often than not the one to influence the government.


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        One of many common ways used to try and influence the government, is through lobbying. A lobbyist is a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest. Unlike other methods, lobbying can play a huge rule in influencing the government, because lobbyists start right at trying to influence the people who write the laws, the legislature. One example of lobbying would be the influence on the Food and Drug Administration agency to try and augment the budgets, with the argument that it was in the public interest. I believe that the efforts of lobbyists, when executed correctly, are capable of being extremely effective. However, I still don’t find that many lobbyists work to influence the government for the people, so much as they do for the group or business they work for. But, the lobbying method is still an effective method, even if it doesn’t guarantee the people a say.


        Another method of influencing the government, is through elections. Unlike lobbying, elections offer the people more of an option to put their say into whom they want to run the country,

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