Ways to Inculcate Recycling Habits Among Students

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 The United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli (1867), once said that “change is inevitable, change is constant.” Although it is true for most of the time, we must agree that there are certain things that have not changed, even after many years. One of them is of course, pollution; a topic that has always been the talk of the town. Just recently, Star News (2018, November 15: 1) published an article regarding how crucial pollution is in Malaysia as we continue to process plastic waste rejected by China.

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It is undeniable that medias worldwide have always portrayed plastic waste as harmful towards the Earth. For instance, an article was once published by the United Kingdom newspaper, Independent (2017, September 28: 3), mentioning that among the dangerous implications of plastic wastes is that disposing plastics to the oceans simply means that it will kill the marine creatures, and we, as seafood eaters, will also be at risk of the negative effects of it.

In Independent (2017, September 28: 3) too, had included a research, that according to United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (2015), 92.6 million tonnes were caught from all around the world. Nevertheless, afraid not, when there is a will, there is a way. Therefore, in the mission to combat this worrying issue, the slogan, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” was invented. What is the slogan all about, to be exact? Based on Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, reduce is defined as to make something less, reuse is to use something again, and recycle is to treat things that are already used so that they can be used again. All these steps are very crucial to follow to lessen pollution. However, no matter how much effort the Malaysian authorities put in hopes to help save the Earth, our people still fail to apply them in their lives. Let us face it: Why does Malaysia continues to process plastic wastes despite being provided with factual evidence of these wastes and their bad implications? Clearly, we do it for money. We never fail to satisfy our greed until we reach the point where we dare to sacrifice the Earth’s wellbeing, just to incorporate more money. So, before things get worse, we must find the solution to this problem. Students are no doubt the future generation. The way we shape them now determines how they would act in the future regarding sustaining the Earth.

The question here is, what are the ways to inculcate recycling habits among students?

First and foremost, parents play an important role in teaching recycling habits in their children. In fact, not only are parents their children’s’ guardian, but they are also their first teacher. Almost often we hear from our ancestors that a child’s behaviour reflects their parents.

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