Ways to achieve financial goals

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3.0 Ways to Achieve Financial Goals 3.0.1 Part-Time Job Since we are having negative value for net worth, we can do some part time job while we are still studying in Utar. There are a number of restaurants, Cafe, and some other shops around Kampar area are recruiting part-time workers. That is a good opportunity for us to apply for a part-time job there. Besides, we can become a tuition teacher who guides primary and/or secondary school students in their studies. By becoming a tuition teacher, we can contribute our knowledge to this society at the same time gaining experiences as well as extra income. In order to become tuition teacher, we can apply for it in Kampar’s tuition centre. Not only that, we can utilize our skills in musical instruments and open music class to those who are interested. Many students who pursuing their studies in Kampar think that Kampar is a small town which lack of entertainment centre and some of them might not have idea on how to spend their free time in a beneficiary way. Regarding this, music class might attractive to some of them. By doing part-time job, we will have a more stable cash flow. By having stable cash flow, it takes lesser time for us to pay off our debts and reduce our financial stress after we graduate from Utar. (Greaves, n.d.). Moreover, we will get the network opportunities if we do some part-time job. Part-time job enables us to develop network connections. We can meet a reference, great friend, connection or even obtain full-time job after we graduate from Utar if we able to perform well when we are still a part-time worker. (Greaves, n.d.). Apart from that, we may enjoy employee benefits by committing ourselves as a part-time worker. Even if we are not eligible for full health benefits, we might obtain the privilege of perks or staff discounts. Other staff benefits include food, discounted tickets, merchandise and etc. (Greaves, n.d.). Different working place offers different staff benefits. We can also do some research regarding the staff benefits offered by different shops or companies before we apply for a part-time job position. In addition, we will be able to gain more working experience by having part-time job. As many of the employers concern about our working experience before we get employed, the working experience as part-time worker enable us to stay higher chance to get a full-time job after we graduate. Speci¬cally, it has been proven that practical skills, communication skills, team building skills and customer care can be developed through taking on part-time job (Lucas and Lammont, 1998). Watts and Pickering (2000) found that part time job leads to improvement in personal transferable skills, employability, and increase in con¬dence level. 3.0.2 Scholarship and PTPTN Repayment Exemption Since we can obtain scholarship or even exempt from PTPTN loan repayment if our academic result meets the required level, we should study smart all the time in order to achieve excellent result.

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