Water Pollution In New England

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Water is one of the most, if not the most, important resource humans have. There are limitless ways water is needed. The most obvious is to provide for organisms to survive. Other ways are for obvious reasons like washing, growing, swimming in, etc. With all the ways we use and need water, we as humans do not provide protection for this resource rather, we do the complete opposite.

From coast to coast, water pollution is starting to come into effect. Water pollution is the presence of contaminants that surpass what is naturally found in water. This could lead to harm in the organisms in the water, the environment, or even humans. Usually this occurrence will not happen on it owns, this could be a result of various human activities.

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Plenty of bodies of water are being affected by water pollution. One in particular is the oceans. Every day new pollutants make way into the ocean. The contaminants take many forms in the ocean. Millions of gallons of oil every year are dumped into the ocean. Deadly proportions of toxic materials are added up from the oceans. Plastic and paper are pulled out continuously. All of this trash in the water causes it to become contaminated and produces numerous deaths of marine animals. Each person has contributed to the pollution of the waters one way or another. An enormous contribution is Factories. The factories will use incredible amounts of water for their own purposes. After they are done with the water, this now polluted water is dumped back into the oceans. This can kill marine life, endanger people fishing, swimming, or drinking, and pollute food supplies.

Nutrient pollution is one of the widest spreading pollution problems in the area of New England. This type of pollution consists of excessive levels of nitrogen in saltwater areas and excess phosphorus in freshwater. The Conservation Law Foundation, otherwise referenced as CLF, supports its claim with reliable evidence. The evidence comes from different bodies of water tested by the foundation. With the Clean Water Act also being mentioned to support the claim the CLF is making. The CLF is helping to thrust the growing problem into the national spotlight.

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