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Chapter 1

1.0 Introduction.

Schools / education institutions were traditionally a place for professionals to conduct their activities and a place for them to spend their leisure time. Then it gain respect and trust from the public it evolve as a place to learn knowledge and gain information. In recent years, government across nation and continent has increase or at least putting a certain amount of their spending in education sector.

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Malaysia in particular has taken measures to increase its spending on education substantially. It is believed that education work as a tool to improve one’s income and promote economic growth as a whole. Quality education has to be provided to people from all walks of live especially those who can not afford taking private education Jallade (1976). One way or another, school is assigned to take on the hard intellectual work of educating students which in return benefits the society in many ways mainly in improving income distribution.

On the other hand, spending in education has take into account from various sub sectors not only by building physical assets such as school, college or university. Spending include providing sufficient teaching materials as in book and notes, teaching equipment as in projectors and computers. Those are just to name a few, besides that, research and development of a better education system is another major part in education spending. Everything has its value and cost so does education. Hence, there will be no free way to educate people.

While fore-seeing education is able to increase one’s earning and improve income inequality, there must be a definite amount of money has to be invested in the education sector. Even investing in education has been done, to improve and ensure the less fortunate groups of people is able to be to retain benefits from it, government spending on public education has to be emphasized.

1.1 Background of Study

Malaysia as a developing nation which work hard on increasing its production and improve its income distribution at the same time is putting big effort to ensure the goal is within reach. Therefore in order to achieve the objective, Malaysia has adopted policy to increase its spending on education. For decades education is believed to be a catalyst in increasing one’s income. Besides that, education also makes social mobility possible. As social mobility is made possible, better income distribution among household is no longer beyond reach. Income distribution in Malaysia has not reach the ideal level. Meanwhile, there is as well room for increase in production which in turn leads to economic growth as a whole.

Even though Malaysia stands a good reputation among countries in South-East Asia with respect of its economic wise but in term of its education quality,

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