Warby Parker – Industry Analysis

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Warby Parker 1. Comment on the vision of Warby Parker. Is it unique from that of others in the industry? How? Warby Parker’s vision makes customers’ dreams into reality. When the other glasses companies sell a pair of eyeglasses for about $265, Warby Parker make it $95 for the selling price (Taub, 2012). Yes, it is unique because of its selling price (Taub, 2012). The price is low but the quality does not go down (Taub, 2012). Besides, Warby Parker also has in house designer to create different styles of glasses without needing customers to pay more (Taub, 2012). 2. What makes Warby Parker’s business unique from others in the eyeglass industry? Warby Parker’s business is unique from others in the eyeglass industry because the selling price is $95, which is $170 lower than average selling price (Diebel, 2014; Taub, 2012; The Muse, 2012). When others try to earn huge profit, Warby Parker makes it affordable for almost everyone (Diebel, 2014). Warby Parker’s mission is different from others (Burke, 2015). When Warby Parker sells a pair of glasses, it also gives a pair to those who in need from developing countries like India and Bangladesh (Burke, 2015). The frames and materials are from the same factories with others (Taub, 2012). Warby Parker can charge this low because it does not need to go through distributors or retailers to get the eyeglasses (O’Toole, 2013; Taub, 2012). The selling price is not only for frames and glasses but also shipping fee, returns fee and someone in need (Taub, 2012). Customer would not need to take extra money for add-ons, everything is included with only $95 (Taub, 2015). 3. How would you describe Warby Parker’s concept towards balancing profitability, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility? Warby Parker sells the eyeglasses at the price of $95 (The Muse, 2012). Warby Parker set it price considering the psychology side of consumers (Burke, 2015). With $99, the brand would seem like a discount one (Burke, 2015). Customers will not be doubting about the quality as they know about the reason behind through social media (The Muse, 2012). The price strategy gives confidences to the consumers (Chafkin, n.d; The Muse, 2012). From the other aspects, Warby Parker is able to maintain its profitability and sustainability because of the designs and the price that attracts customers (Haid, 2014). Besides, Warby Parker also take care of the customers (The Muse, 2012). Customers can purchase online or in-store (Haid, 2014). To maintain its sustainability, the employees are also asked to provide feedbacks or 360 degree of view to the company (The Muse, 2012). In addition, health care is also provided to the employees (The Muse, 2012). These efforts are to ensure the employees to work professionally without forgetting their health (The Muse, 2012). From the aspect of corporate social responsibility, Warby Parker offers eyeglasses that are cheaper than the average selling price because the co-founders believes that spectacles can help increase someone’s productivity for about thirty five percent (Haid, 2014). Furthermore,

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