War On Drugs Or War On Us?

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October 14th, 1082. On On this day in 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared illicit drugs to be a threat to U.S. national security.

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The now popularized term war on drugs was first introduced by President Nixon in 1971 but can be traced all the way to 1914. A battle not as the citizens had been used to. Not against country. Not against a group. But against ideology. An interior problem that was slowing destroying the past American society, and leaving traces of blockages to break the future American society. How do we stop a problem like that? We can’t bomb nor send armed forces to the houses and homes of fellow Americans. We can’t throw people in jail nor can we murder of the problem. Or can we? The war on drugs, or as some call it, the war on Americans.

Drugs have always been a part of the American history. Yet started being more prominent in the 1800’s as Opium became very popular after the American Civil War. Cocaine followed in the 1880’s. Coca was popularly used in health drinks and remedies. Morphine was discovered in 1906 and used for medicinal purposes. Heroin was used to treat respiratory illness, cocaine was used in Coca-Cola, and morphine was regularly prescribed by doctors as a pain reliever. according to the Stanford Papers article for the War on Drugs. The change in the viewing of drugs was that psychotropic drugs have a great potential for causing addiction. No longer were these drugs used for medical problems yet abused. Local governments began prohibiting opium dens and opium importation and began to require all doctors and physicians to label and make sure their medicines followed the new legislation of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

The War on Drugs is a phrase used to refer to a government-led initiative which has the goal of placing a complete end illegal drug use, distribution, and trade by increasing and enforcing penalties for offenders on smaller or larger scales. Which placed into effect, the Drug Enforcement Agency of 1973. This initiated Operation Intercept, which pressured Mexico to regulate its marijuana growers and eventually placed the trade between Mexico and America at a standstill as Nixon placed more money into strengthening the Mexican borders. Later when Reagan was President he went on to focus many programs on the idea of cracking down of punishments and crimes that were non-violent drug crimes. This program became known as the zero tolerance program, where immediate and strict measures against users were emphasized. The 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse gave the drug user full recognition and punishment for the crime.

Drug users were to be prosecuted for possession and punished accordingly,

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