War on Drugs And Its Impact On Society

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War on Drugs

The War on Drugs has had a big impact on United States society. The war on drugs is a campaign that is led by the US federal government, the purpose is to reduce the illegal drug trades. It’s impact caused racial profiling, drug overuse, and increased incarceration rates.

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Over half of imprisoned prisoners are drug offenders. The United States leads the world with incarceration, there is approximately 2.2 million people imprisoned. Being racially profiled is very common now in our society. Its a problem we suffer nationally. Usually targeted for color, race, ethnicity, and religion. Once Americas need for drugs got greater when cartels formed in Columbia. I believe drugs can destroy someone’s life and how it’s illegally used. Drugs should be only legal to the ones that medically need it and not to the ones that don’t.

People around the world are being profiled because the amount of money they have when being pulled over, which leads police officers to thinking its for drugs. Also they are being profiled because of their race or religion. Some police now a days allegedly pull over drivers because of their race or ethnicity, rather than the law or violations they have done. People of color often been through intolerance at every stage of the criminal system. They are most likely to be pulled over, searched, arrested, and convicted. This is mainly the case of drug law violations. Racial profiling is ineffective, it isolates communities from law enforcement, and limits community policing efforts. African americans are most likely to be killed by law enforcement than any other race, because they are stereotyped to be more violent and addicted to drugs. Racial profiling has been a big national problem for a while now, it happens every day in cities and towns across the country.

Incarceration is another serious impact on United States society. Incarceration is an act of being confined in prison or imprisoning someone. It’s become a big impact in U.S society because incarceration rates have increased. The U.S leads the world in incarceration with 2.2 million people currently in the nation’s jails and prisons.

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