Walt Whitman Wrote His Poem

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Walt Whitman wrote his poem called Song of Myself reflecting the democratic and self individualism and O Captain! My Captain! reflecting the death of Abraham and how he respected him as there president. These poems are some of Walt Whitman’s most popular poems in his book Leaves of Grass.(Allen, Gay Wilson) Whitman wrote these poems to show the individualism that Whitman had and the grief of Abraham’s death and how it affected him. He wrote these poems about himself and what he was going through, and wrote them to show his feelings and write about what he saw and happen and what he wanted to happen..

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Whitman uses the nature of the world in his poem Song of Myself and the winning of the war and death of his friend Abraham Lincoln in O Captain! My Captain!. Song of Myself reflected how Walt Whitman celebrated the self, equality and democracy. O captain! My Captain! reflects Walt’s patriotic view and appreciation for the victory of the Civil War and his devastation for President Lincoln’s death and the hope for the healing of America. In Walt Whitman’s poem Song of Myself he shows self democratic principles throughout the whole poem. It shows the freedom people experience and how they went about democracy. The poem shows all different races, genders and sexual preferences those are the the basic of democracy.(Section 1-52 Song of Myself) Whitman wanted everyone to treat everyone the same, be together and work together then being all different.

Whitman refers to everyone as equal and says that the world has a poor democratic view.( Townsend, Kathleen Kennedy.) Walt Whitman also shows in Song of Myself that he enjoyed the union of his physical and spiritual self. Throughout the poem he talks about what happened to him and the principles of the individualism he captures in the poem.( Townsend, Kathleen Kennedy.) This poem makes people think about the world and what is happening all around them. When people read this poem they think of their life and the principles that occur to them. Whitman talked about his life and what happened to him and shows the nature of the world and their experiences. In the beginning of the poem he reflects as the characters as I but later in the poem he reflects as the character as you.(Section 1-52 Song of Myself) That seems to show that he is telling what he in going through and how he deals with it but when he says you that seems to be about other people and what he might think those people might think.

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