Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Operational Excellence

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In an organization, operational excellence is the execution of organization’s business system with more prominent consistency and productivity than the opposition. It encourage the usage of the practices and work process required to accomplish what the business requires to be effective.

An organization enforces the most effective strategy that has minimal operational risks, low operation costs, and enhanced revenue relative to its rivals. Particularly, in retail industry each business sector operational excellence is important to achieve overall business success. Further, operations excellence can be achieved via various business parameters, starting with top management’s objectives on quality, dependability, cost, reducing errors, and minimizing risk, and translating them within the organization’s each business operations would result achieving operational excellence.

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The online sales and related business of retail industry, like any other e-commerce market, is very competitive and challenge. In effect, players in the retail industry strive to enforce operation excellence as a way of gaining leverage and remaining ahead of competitors. One of the firms operating within this industry is Walmart?® Inc. Walmart?® was founded in 1962 and established on 31 October 1969, headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and since then, the company has continued to dominate the retail industry and its global presence in 28 countries with 11,718 stores and clubs is a virtuous indication of how the company has remained successful amidst the competition. In effect, the objective of the research is to review the manner in which operational excellence resulted from store/Grocery Pickup strategy has facilitated Walmart’s success within retail industry, and providing recommended solutions to address challenges faced in the Grocery Pickup strategy.


It is important to for a firm/organization to have an efficient operations process system in place that can reduce cost, higher capital utilization, and dependability, which in turn could be a basis for building a strong operational skills for future innovation and being symbol for quality and successful.

Walmart?® online sales is a small slice of its overall business, but it showed a significant revenue growth of online sales of 33% compared to store sales of 2.1% in the first quarter 2018 (Meyersohn, 2018). Online sales is an encouraging sign for Walmart?® since its introduction and it helped the digital growth of Walmart?® revenue increase by 1.4% YoY to $117.5 billion for the first quarter 2018.
The applicable theory in the study of operational experience is the Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints as postulated by Costas et al. (2015). In order to examine the impact of operations excellence on organizational success, the model offers a framework that can be applied in outlining the most integral factors that limit attainment organizational goals in an effort to address the constraints limiting the firm’s performance. In this regard, the theory offers powerful tools regarding the approach that organizations can implement to realize operational excellence.

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