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THE INDIAN ARMY: ITS VOTING RIGHTS “Quartered in snow, silent to remain. When the bugle calls, they shall rise and march again.” – The scroll of honour at the Siachen base camp. INTRODUCTION: The history of the Indian armed forces can be traced back in the history of the formation of the independent country India.

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It was the only large voluntary organisation including people of varied profession to help in the liberation of the country from the hands of the British, who had made us they slave. The motto of the Indian Army is DO OR DIE, has actually helped the soldiers to be persistent in their effort against the enemies who have intruded into the country for any purpose from the ancient times to the Mughal and to the coming of East India Company. The Indian National Movement gave a push to the people of the country and their came up with the concept of Azad Hind Fauj or The Indian National Army by Subhash Chandra Bose which marked the stone for the formation of Indian Armed Forces. But it was originally founded by Captain Mohan Singh in Singapore in September 1942. During this time soldiers were recruited from various parts of the country that is from the Himalayas to the oceans and from the deserts to the extreme east in order to have collection of soldiers in the army to help the country to attain the much awaited independence.[1] A separate fauj was made for the women’s named Rani Jhansi Regimentled by Lakshmi Swaminathan. At the rally of Indian National Army in Burma the famous words of Bose were spoken “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom!” [2] After 15th august 1947, the Indian Army got its own foundation rather than being under the British regime. Today, it has got its own soldiers full of armaments and various technologies to combat the enemies and intruders in the country. It has various regiments such as Punjab, Sikh Li, Sikh, Assam Riffles and many more with their own mens divided into platoons, battalion and units. The main purpose of the research paper would be to focus on the voting rights of the military personal. By first talking about the defects of the pervious voting system (Proxy voting and Ballot voting), the current scenario regarding their voting rights, the latest judgement provided by the Supreme court on their voting and suggesting some measures to have uniformity on their voting. RIGHT TO VOTE: India is a secular country with varied population, thus citizens have to be provided with certain rights and one of the most pivotal is RIGHT TO VOTE. What is right?

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