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Importance-Performance Analysis

The general objective was evaluating the importance and Performance of attributes of Volunteer Tourism in Ethiopia and specifically intending to rank out the importance, to evaluate the competitive performance of Ethiopia to host volunteer tourists by laying them in a four quadrant grid and conduct the IPA Iso-Priority Line comparison of Volunteer Tourism in Ethiopia from hosts and guests point of view, a deeper research discourse was conducted with a randomly selected 384 guests and 165 hosts in Ethiopia. Findings […]

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It is Time to Volunteer

Volunteering is in a decade-long decline in the United States. The population volunteering has decreased by four percent from 2005 to 2015. Four percent would look like a few percentages that do not have a critical impact on the whole volunteerism in the United States. Unfortunately, four percent is 13 million fewer people volunteering while adding on average eight people to every single nonprofit. In other words, nonprofits cannot run as effectively as a decade ago, and we cannot realize […]

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The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools

Laurel BurgerSwindell AP Literature – Graduation Project10 March 2018The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools Volunteerism in schools is a free and simple task that can influence an entire community. Volunteering in schools can be defined as free work or services that is completely voluntary and beneficial to a school. The numerous benefits of volunteering in schools has a large influence on the volunteer, the entire school and staff, and the students, these benefits are long-term and extend far beyond the […]

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Philanthropy Theory

Philanthropy Theory This theory explains that individual’s give because they want to gain some private advantages; thus, a donation is the mode to fulfill a donor’s ego instead of the public. It is an action people or organizations do on the foundation of altruistic aspiration to enhance human well-being. The well-off people at times create foundations to aid in their philanthropic activities (Greenlee 199-210). An example of consumption philanthropy theory is when John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay Colony told Puritan […]

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Opportunity To Take Part In Mission

Not everyone has the opportunity to take part in mission trips or volunteer trips in their high school. Luckily my school offered an amazing trip to Nicaragua, a third world country in Central America, to help those in need through many different activities. Although this trip was not easy, required a lot of work and was even emotionally taxing, the life lessons that I have learned made it well worth it. According to Dr. Jessie Voigts, volunteering will change your […]

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I Have Recently Volunteered

I have recently volunteered my services helping at the Baby Gator Daycare. Serving the Baby Gator Daycare at Diamond Village helped me see and experience what I had been studying in the Human Growth and Development course (EDF 3110) and actually apply what I had learned in the class. Personally, I decided to volunteer at the Baby Gator Daycare at the Diamond Village location with preschoolers age three because I believed that it would have been the perfect opportunity for […]

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The Essence of Giving

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness (The Dalai Lama XIV). Decades ago, resources were being distributed to different places through trading. Scarcity was not a problem yet and people were living their lives to the fullest “ people owned big farms to supply the community with their poultry, cattle and other needs, flourishing gardens for vegetables and fruits, and enjoying the abundance of resources the environment has to offer. In today’s […]

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Volunteering in my Town’s Food Pantry

Volunteering in my Town’s Food Pantry What was observed during the experience? My son and I volunteer at the local food pantry at least one day a week. During my volunteering service, I got to observe how things work out between the county government and the local food pantry. Also, I noticed that we were more than 20 local businesses and other organizations provided food and other donations to the local food pantry but it only at certain times of […]

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Potential Benefits Of Volunteerism

Review the potential benefits of volunteerism to the volunteer (minimum of FIVE sources) 35marks. Can help us develop new skills. When participating in volunteer activities there are many skills we learned from the activity. For example we learnt about soft skills. Among the skills is teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, time management, attitude and work ethic, and self-confident. Teamwork is a very important thing when doing a group of work. Everyone must know the work on their part. To make […]

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Community Service And Volunteerism

Community service can play a crucial role in our happiness, though many people do not take advantage of it. A lot of times people don’t want to waste their time with this, because it doesn’t benefit them financially. But sometimes the gain from community service can sometimes be more valuable than money itself. Not only can community service open up multiple doors for the future, it can more importantly improve our overall well-being. Many ways community service has a positive […]

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Always Searching For Volunteers

I would have preferred to tell you this personally, it’s a pity I didn’t have the chance to do so, but I want you to know how grateful we all are for your helping us with [help offered by the volunteer]. You have been an incredible volunteer, and because of your dedication and hard work [details of results of the volunteers work]. We are always searching for volunteers like you who can [list of responsibilities], and that are dedicated to […]

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Volunteer Thank You

Specific Purpose of Speech: to encourage my peers to sign up to volunteer with families affected by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Introduction – Statistic: In 2014, 1,875 babies were born addicted to opioids in Ohio alone, and the number has been on the rise ever since, following the trend of the opioid epidemic (AthenaInsight). – Reason for listening: Not only does NAS affect the families with a loved one affected by NAS, but it also affects all tax payers. The average […]

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