Volcanoes: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Volcanoes. You’ve heard of them; they’re big, scary, and just plain dangerous. But are volcanoes somehow beneficial for people and the environment? Little do many people know, volcanoes actually do less harm than good.

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Volcanoes, though it sounds crazy, actually benefit the environment a lot. The fiery lava that spews all over the place leaves rocks and ash in its path that in time – a lot of time – provide nutrients and rich soil that make plants extensively flourish and grow. They also cool down the earth. I know it sounds inconceivable, but it’s a legitimate proven fact. The ash that volcanoes make when they erupt protects the earth from solar radiation which is detrimental to the eye, microscopic life, and could cause skin cancer. Although this may be true, volcanoes are occasionally deadly and suffocating. When erupting, volcanoes emit lava, rocks, ash, and a combination of gases. CO2 heats up the planet, though it takes a while, and ash suffocates and causes many people to leave their homes. Volcanoes are a blessing and a curse to our world, and here are the leading causes why.

Let’s talk about plants. They give us oxygen, produce energy and nutrients for us, and can be turned into clothing and shelter. When plants thrive in small gardens, people celebrate. Plants are praised and cherished throughout the world. So how and why are volcanoes good for them? Well, plants require water, Co2, nutrients, and energy from the sun to survive. Ash and rocks from volcanoes carry huge amounts of nutrients and provide drainage when they are weathered down to soil, a process that can take many years. An example of this is in Italy. A municipality in Italy called Naples is home to the volcano Mount Vesuvius. This area is full of plants and greenery;

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