Volcanic Eruptions

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A volcanic eruptions are devastating events that cause mass destruction throughout our society. Volcanoes are made by lava and ash coming out of the ground and hardening. Then over time, it will create a volcano. Volcanoes kill 540 people each year(Fox News). Volcanoes can be caused by other natural disasters or pressure underneath earths surface but the destruction can be minimized by following the evacuation route.

To begin with, volcano eruptions can be caused by many different things. One way a volcano erupts is when it is located on a boundary line of tectonic plates. In the text, Why Do Volcanoes Erupt it notes When one plate pushes under the other, this forces molten rock, sediment and seawater down into the magma chamber. The rock gets melted to magma, and eventually overfill the chamber until it erupts. Another way the volcano can erupt is when there is a decrease in external pressure in the chamber. An article states A decrease in external pressure on the magma chamber may also allow for an eruption by minimising its ability to hold back increasing pressures from the inside(Why Do Volcanoes Erupt). Usually a natural disaster like typhoon will cause a huge decrease in external pressure in the volcano. Volcanoes also have a huge effect on climate change as well. For example, Mount Tambora’s eruption was so big that it put a lot of particles in the air causing it to block the sun so the temperature dipped down. This caused many crops in that area to die. All in all, volcanoes have many ways that they can erupt which can cause major effects in the climate.

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There has been many catastrophic volcanic eruptions that has caused mass destruction to our society.

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