Video transmission in wireless mesh networks

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1. Introduction:

Video transmission in Wireless Mesh Networks

Recently there has been research interest in supporting Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN). Wireless Mesh Networks provides cheap and efficient network connectivity in a large region. There are number of significant advantages by using multipath for video communications, such as load balancing, potentially higher video bit rate and improved error resilience (Vishnu Navda).

Video applications development has been impulsive. For provide round-the-clock surveillance of critical areas of their communities municipalities now organize video applications. During the real-time events video steam in wireless mesh networks monitor corridors and traffic grids. Business users depend on video conferencing to enhance the productivity and reduce travel. In large numbers consumers are accessing on-demand video sites, generating millions of exclusive video streams every day.

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For getting the real time access the service providers are looking for ways to exploit the customer supplies. In this the service providers acquire real time access to delivering differentiate streaming and entertainment and on-demand video services (BelAir Networks).

Video over wireless mesh networks is in turn dynamic new applications, including mounting video cameras on buses, trains, police cruisers, ships, police cruisers, and ambulances. Due to these capabilities of video surveillance further the safety personnel and traffic responds make better and faster is allowed and the decisions are more informed (BelAir Networks).

1.1 The ideal video network:

BelAir Networks wireless mesh architecture provide carrier-grade performance for creating consistent, cost-effective video networks that scale to support municipalities, including local businesses, neighborhoods, school campuses and traffic corridors. The BelAir wireless network provides Quality of Service (QoS), and it is ideal to support bandwidth intensive applications such as multimedia and video, including the industry’s lowest latency rate, with minimal jitter.

By using backhaul to transport the high bandwidth video substances the wireless mesh networks eliminate the usage of long cables. For these video substances the BelAir wireless mesh networks supply mobile access. The police cruisers and responders can share the real time coverage of incidents by using the mobile access it is supplied from wireless mesh networks.

BelAir Networks wireless mesh products can support video applications as well as other Public works, Public safety, and Public Access networks, as shown in Figure 1. For civil employees crystal clear voice service allowed the cities to accumulate on cellular costs by establishing their personal Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) network. Community groups, trades people, schools, visitors, taxpayers, and even remote municipal employees are easily access to government information resources and internet based information from anywhere in the world can be accessed by a Public Access Network. Capabilities enhance the value of the network and make a group of financial intelligence (BelAir Networks).

1.2 Ganges Wireless Mesh Network:

For monitoring this Ganges network we would follow the particular schematic diagram which as shown below


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