Vegetarian: Is it Better Than Eating Meat?

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Who doesn’t like bacon? It is salty, meaty, goes with anything and everything, and there is just no substitute for it. People have even started cooking it into candy. When someone states that they are a vegetarian it appears like they are instantly better than those of us who are omnivores because they have a measure of control not to eat bacon that the rest of us don’t have.

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Most of us realize that vegetarianism is an expression of one’s ethical orientation, so when we think of a vegetarian, we don’t simply think of a person who’s just like everyone else except that he or she doesn’t eat meat. We think of a person who has a certain philosophical outlook, whose choice not to eat meat it a reflection of a deeper belief system in which killing animals for human ends is considered unethical. (Joy, 2011)

Vegetarianism is defined by a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while omitting animal based products such as meat and eggs. There are many reasons to choose a plant based lifestyle, the promise of weight loss or health improvement, environmental impact, and religious reasons are among the most common. Also, while not widely known, or talked about, some people adopt vegetarian diets to mask eating disorders. Vegetarians can have a hard time getting the proper amount of usable nutrients because they are not consuming the most ready source of it. Being a vegetarian can affect a person’s bone density, nutrient levels, and even their ability to conceive a child. Vegetarianism can be a great way to lose weight or reduce environmental impact, but those who choose this lifestyle also need to be aware of the different nutrients that are not as readily available in plant-based foods as they are in a balanced diet containing meat products.

It is the first nice weekend of the year. A woman has stepped out of her bedroom wearing shorts for the first time all year, and her husband sees her legs full of bruises. So many bruises that they blend into one another, and he can’t tell where one ends and one begins. There is more purple, green, and blue colored skin on her legs and upper arms than there is flesh colored. The husband is immediately concerned for his wife. It turns out that her latest effort to lose her baby weight was to go vegetarian. However, now it has turned into vegetarian induced anemia and every time she bumps into something or touches something too hard, it leaves a bruise. Many things can cause anemia, especially for women. If people don’t get enough of any certain nutrient, it will cause a deficiency. Not all nutrients and vitamins can be supplemented with taking a pill.

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