Utilitarianism: A Perfect Theory

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Given that all sound moral theories are multifaceted outlines for the best methods of action for humanity, we all have our opinions as to which of these theories are valid and which are not. Moreover, given that the innate nature of ethics is subjective, no matter what theory we choose to employ, there will always be an array of negative and positive aspects to them. Simply put, the most accepted definition of utilitarianism is that it is a theory that asserts the best actions are the ones that benefit the majority.

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On the other hand, another, less popular definition of this theory is that it is a moral framework that asserts that in the cases in which there are no immediate actions that will benefit the greater good, all actions are banned until the proper remedy can be reached.

Either way, while this theory has certainly received its fair share of criticisms, I feel they are mostly undeserved. Of all the theories to choose from, in a perfect world, utilitarianism would serve as the foundation for the vast majority of actions being taken. Furthermore, the latter definition also asserts that even if there are actions that can be taken that may provide some short-term benefits, these actions must be avoided unless the long-term outcomes are in favor of the greater good. Although the notion of a utopia has long since been determined to be widely unrealistic, I am of the belief that utilitarianism is the theory that would bring us closest to it. That said, the following is a closer look at my thoughts on this theory and why it should be the prevailing moral theory of the world.

To peacefully exist in a society means to, in many ways, be interdependent. No matter how far we evolve in life or how rich and famous we become, we all need other people in order to survive and thrive. For example, no matter how rich a person may be, if he/she is unable to receive medical care when they need it, they will likely become sick and pass away, much like those who live in poverty. Moreover, even the people of the notoriously barbaric, isolated tribe on North Sentinel Island in Andamans depend upon the government, each other, and trusted vendors in order to remain a healthy and thriving society,

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