Using Irish based research, write a report on caring aids and equipment.

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Discuss the clients that would use each piece and how it would benefit the client and the staff. Describe each and outline how they are used correctly.

Include two examples in each of the below areas:

  • Lifts and Hoists
  • Mobility aids
  • Incontinence aids
  • Personal care aids
  • Communication aids


There are a vast number of caring aids available to improve the quality of an individual’s daily living. These aids include lifts, hoists and mobility aids as well as incontinence aids, personal care aids and communication aids (Assist Ireland, no date, a). This report will consider two examples from each of the aforementioned categories and detail the clients that would use such an aid, the benefit of the aid to both patient and carer and how the aid is used.

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Lifts and Hoists

There are two types of patient lift or hoist: these can be either a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift (Thomas & Thomas, 2014). The sling lift is an assistive device that allows immobile patients, either at home or within the care environment, to be transferred between resting places, usually a bed and a chair (Baptiste et al, 2008). They are either mobile (floor based) or fixed (overhead) lifts that are suspended from the ceiling. The sit-to-stand lift is used to help patients who have some mobility but lack the core strength to rise to a standing position from a chair, bed or commode (Radawiec et al, 2009). A number of different slings, straps and belts are available for different uses. For example, a mobile hoist can be used in conjunction with a narrow sling that is positioned under the patient’s arms halfway down their back. The patient must be able to take some of their weight on their legs as the hoist lifts them from sitting to standing position (Assist Ireland, no date, b). An overhead hoist can be used with a divided leg sling. This U shaped sling is positioned with a leg band under each leg then crossed in the middle to provide the patient with some dignity; not crossed in the middle to allow for toileting or with both leg bands under each leg for improved comfort (Assist Ireland, no date, c). There are multiple benefits of these aids to the patient. These include the prevention of pressure sores, improved quality of life due to enabling an element of mobility and the potential for the individual to remain in their own home rather than in the care environment. However, a study by Bilboe et al (2007) reported some interesting results. A total of 21 normal subjects performed three sit-to-stand transfers from a stool using no device,

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