Using Flexible Work Practices Business Essay

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Significant amount of the recent HRM literature (Human Resource Management) concerns the issue of flexibility in the organisation either from the employees or employers perspective. This is mainly de to the socio-economic changes happening in the last decade driving the organisations towards better employment systems. Trau(199) highlights different reason for the increase as organisations are seeking flexibility to make themselves adaptable to the competitive global markets where as the employees are favouring flexible terms for a greater security of employment and work-life satisfaction.

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The traditional organisational firms are long gone due to the globalisation of markets, technological changes and increase in competitors. The successful today’s organisation needs to be able to cope itself with the hyper competitive environment and response accordingly. These patterns have led to the increase in employee opportunities and perseverance. Based on the above attention has developed model for the flexible firm. The growing interest in using flexible work practices in the organisations is mutual. This may be due to the laws(UK) and productivity measures by the organisation. But the increase in the range of practices employed can be noticed(kersey et al;2005) Typically flexible working options in the work place can be said “as an employee and employer making changes to when, where and how a person works to meet individual and business needs at their best. While the concept stays put, it is the type of arrangement that makes the difference. Workplace flexibility (2010) states the above stated arrangement as ” any one of a spectrum of work structures that alters the time and place that work gets done on a regular basis. Basically the flexible work options include flexi-time remote working, reduced/compressed hours work time etc. depending upon the employee/employers need and agreement. [Revise form flexible-work [Terry o Brien] [PG10] Types of Arrangements:- Part Time, FlexiTime, Job share, WFH, Time offin lieu, Tele work. The type of practices divided according to when where and how can be seen below. When people work:- Flexi Time:- it is the most popular arrangement where In the number of hours worked per week remains same but it just alters the start and finish times of work depending upon the need [Elbingtonet, al 1975] Part Time Work:- Part time work in general refers to the reduction in the number of working hours as opposed to the standard weekly hours. Variable year employment: – depending on the requirement of the job, variance year employment requires the employee to work more hours during busy perio and vice versa. Part Year Employment:- which is also referred to as purchased leave. It allows the employee to make longer periods of leave (4 weeks – 8 weeks) Leave:- Eg Parental Leave, Study Leave, Career Breaks etc. But without pay. Olmsted & smith (1994) defines leave as as authorized period of time away from work without loss of benefits.

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