Use Of Nuclear Energy In Today Society

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Energy sources like oil,coal,solar,wind, or nuclear; they have become a necessity of modern society and has been a really popular topic that has been debated on. Since energy holds such a important role in the world, it affects political decisions, relationships between countries, the economy, and the environment. Nuclear energy has become such a important resource in our society since the supply of this resource is limitless.

Congress is debating on whether or not they should be funding on this proposal because many believe that it is the technology for the future. Supplying oil has become harder to control and solar and wind technologies has not become expanded nor fully developed. The benefits of nuclear energy is that nuclear energy is cheap and plentiful, but there are also negative argument towards it.With a comprehensive understanding of nuclear energy and the expansion of its technology through products such as SMR’s, nuclear energy could be the world’s next prominent energy source.

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According to West’s Encyclopedia of American Law (2008), nuclear energy is defined as a form of energy produced by an atomic reaction, capable of producing an alternative source of electrical power to that supplied by coal,gas, or oil. All this happens when they are going through the process called fission which creates energy through the splitting of uranium atoms. A nuclear power plant uses the heat that is created during the fission process to create steam in order to run the turbines creating electricity (Westinghouse 2012). A nuclear power plant does not create a massive destructive weapon. Nuclear energy can have negative and positive affect in society and the environment.

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