Use Of Drones in Agriculture

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Drones, more scientifically known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been around for ages, but are just starting to become beneficially used in the agricultural business. Farmers can get a bird’s eye view of their land, animals, and crops just by flying drones at low altitudes. I believe that drones can be extremely beneficial to agricultural farmers in today’s day and age. Given that most farmers are in their fifties, drones can come to be of great use, if known how to operate properly.

        There are many pros and cons that can go along when working with drones. First off, a few pros are monitoring, spraying, and analyzing/mapping. Monitoring is one of the most important aspects of having a drone. Monitoring can be used for livestock, as well as other farm animals, to keep watch and make sure no predators are coming in. Predators, such as cougars and wolves, are attacking livestock species and killing them, which results in a loss for farmers. With the use of drones, farmers can track what is coming in and out, and are then able to set up some different techniques that won’t kill the predators, such as hanging strips of cloth from the fence lines, which causes a flutter and scares away the animal. Also, drones have thermal sensors in which monitoring can be used for the crops to make sure that everything is growing properly and identifying irrigation where necessary. Secondly, spraying is a big component of having a drone. Drones can visually scan the ground and spray an even amount of liquid making sure that everything is properly covered.

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It has been concluded that spraying with drones can be completed up to five times as fast than with tractors or other spraying machinery.

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