US Turning Points

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The United States of America has a rich political, economic and diplomatic history between 1914 and 1991. During this era, the country undertook many turning points in its internal and external policies that influenced its foreign relations with other nations. In this period, the nation faced many turning points in its history that affected its development and millennial goals.

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To give an effective a historical account of the United States turning points between the eras, I would chronologically arrange the events to provide students with a clear insight of the facts as they occurred in history. Although many events took place in America’s history, World War 1, treaty of Versailles, the great depression, attacks on Pearl Harbor, World War 2, cold war, and the success of conservation are the main turning points that the country faced between 1914 and 1991. In 1914, the World War 1 broke out in Europe after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that ended the long peace era that Europeans enjoyed (Foner, 56). He was the heir to Austria- Hungary’s throne and it led to Austria- Hungary declared an ultimatum and continuing war on Serbia. The conflict later spread across the globe with worlds superpowers testing the economic strengths. The battle spread over Europe due to the tension that developed among the world’s superpowers. Modern war machinery and technology contributed to the spread of World War 1 between two groups, the central powers, and the allied powers (Foner, 60). The central powers comprised of Germany, ottomans, Austria and Belgium while the allied forces were, Britain, France, and Russia. Unlike other wars in the past, the war utilized lands, aerial and sea military equipment that claimed the lives of many soldiers and civilians. The United States of America under the leadership of Wilson Woodrow remained neutral to the European war for two and a half years. The American citizens especially the Irish Americans and religious leaders campaigned for neutrality in the war although the country leaned towards the allied power by selling them armory. Germans attempt to starve Britain to surrender made the United States join the allied nations in the war in 1917 (Foner, 77). The United States had prior grudges with Germany when it sunk America Lusitania ship. After the sinking of the Lusitania ship in 1915, the eastern states advocated for the preparedness movement that ensured the country had a competent and sizeable naval force. The war ended in 1918 after Germany conceded defeat. In 1919, the allied powers coerced Germany into accepting the treaty of Versailles in which it was liable for the economic damages that occurred during the war.

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