US Lehman Brothers Mortgage Company

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The proposal’s broad-area-of-study is financial performance within Management accounting and strategy. The notion will examine the association/relationship among the works of intellectual-capital (structural-capital and human-capital) and financial and non-financial performance in financial service industry (intermediary) in developed-country within foreign branch/foreign establishment in international/multinational companies. The motivation behind this research is recognizing core elements/ variables to control/restrict/limit (for future organization) thus are most responsible to transfer crunch/ bankruptcy cause leapt of great depression/ recession to sustain and retain the advent of globalization.

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The roots of research are global financial crisis 2007 and 2008, has passed through various stages exposed pervasive weaknesses in global financial system and regulatory frame work in financial service industry which created negative impact/image of globalization and international /multinational financial companies among public and within firms/country’ boundary. The specific/narrow focus of research is to choose one (single business such as mortgage loan or treasury) of bankrupt international /multinational financial firm (such as Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and many more*) to analyze. Additionally the study’s contribution to extract literature to resist, control and limit expansion/ further financial disaster for developed and developing countries in term of maintaining respected economy of country.

Research questions and aim of study

The aim of study is to explore and examine of intellectual capital and performance quality/measurement “such as financial and non-financial” in bankrupt financial service company (i.e Lehman) though they seek out a reliable relationship in business performance, that tend to expose the pervasive weakness in this financial system and regulatory frame work. Additionally find how to rescue strong foreign branches from catastrophe to limit financial crisis with country’s boundary to prolong and save the allure/benefits of globalization for to maintain confidence of future potential investor and financial corporations.

The research questions that the study would explore are;

Was the Lehman’ strategy effective to carry business? If so, what was the blunder/ritual they made/feel by intellectual capital to gain more profit? Was a Lehman Brothers evaluating its intellectual capital? If so, how can they do it? Was there flaw to continue? If not, can a model for evaluating intellectual capital be developed? Was there an optimal mix of intellectual capital components? Were they evaluating their financial performance? If so, how? What factors contribute to performance? Is there relationship between the components of intellectual capital and financial performance in Lehmen Brothers? How might the current methods of measuring intellectual capital and business performance be improved? Does culture impact on measuring intellectual capital and management? Can we limit the financial crisis within country’s boundary to rescue foreign branch/establishment? If so, what are variable to restrict to limit crisis?

Background and motivation

Some of the formal/Official economic data presented that extensive number of nations bearing recession as of early 2009.

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