US Imperialism on Panama

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Faith Ann Hawkins Mr. Collins World History and Geography 3 November 2018 In history, it is a common theme to see that sacrifices must be made, but can some be too drastic? Many people today know of the vital waterway called the Panama Canal. Opened in 1914, the Panama Canal was one of the greatest engineering achievements in the world.(Alfaro, 2018).

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It was first a project started by France in 1881, but they quit due to engineering problems and a high worker mortality rate. The U.S took over the project in 1904. This canal cuts through the Isthmus of Panama with a 51-mile long waterway, turning a ship ride around a continent into an 8-10 hour cruise through the canal. This canal has seen many owners, including Columbia, France, and the United States.

Though, the way America got this canal is still a controversy. Was it right for Americans to do whatever it took to make this strategic waterway? The wrongdoing of this is summed up in the word imperialism. Though the Panama Canal is very important, how the U.S obtained it was not right. Imperialism is quite a strong word. At the time the canal was built, most countries sought to imperialism others for power. Imperialism is the control of one nation over another. Though, in this time era, the late eighteenth century, there was a different form of imperialism, New imperialism.

This started when countries wished to have complete control over colonies instead of just setting up trading ports and such. America, even though people don’t hear it much, was an imperializing nation too. What was so wrong with imperialism? There are many periods in history that are strong examples of to why imperialism is corrupt and wrong. There were three continents in which imperialism was very popular, Africa, India, and Asia. In southeast Asia, Great Britain was the first to start imperializing using the concept of new imperialisation. They wished to take Burma but failed.

Instead, there constant influence in Burma caused the monarchy to fall and they took over. Many countries soon heard of this and started following so they wouldn’t fall behind. New ways to rule an area appeared such as indirect rule, direct rule, and making protectorates. This colonialization caused many indigenous people to suffer. Colonizers didn’t want the colonies to make industries, this policy often led to the development of plantation agriculture (Spielvogel 229). In this system, peasants worked as laborers on others plantations. The workers were kept at the poverty level for profit increase and many died due to the unhealthy conditions. Things like this continued in many areas of the world as they were colonized.

The process usually was that colonizers took the area, colonists moved in, natives were treated unfairly,

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