Urbanization Trends In American Cities

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America’s largest population dwells in town. Intermediate cities are regarded as places that promise sustainability in urban growth. This paper looks at recent urbanization trends in American cities. Privatization of urban planning is challenged by sustainable urbanization. Governmental harmonization lacks in the housing market along with urban growth thus has put stress on natural resources and livability of cities. It is suggested that the housing market ought to be made more striking in order to manage urban growth and prevent a saturate of novel luxurious middle-class homes in the margin.

The objective of this question is to examine the reasons as to why people migrate to cities in the United States. This knowledge is used to deal with issues of importance to the Nation, such as quality-of-life, flora and fauna, environmental integrity, water quality and mass concerns, resource accessibility, exposure to natural hazards, atmosphere and terrain value, and ease of access to scientific information. Good record keeping and data generation, and good physical planning are made an integral part of the solution to growth of other urban towns.

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United States was predominately rural. In the 19th and 20th centuries, industrial revolution brought about urbanization thus transformed urban life and gave individuals higher expectation to improving their standards of living. . Development of streetcars, trolleys, and railroads enabled city boundaries to expand. Technological innovations in transportation and housing construction, increased number of jobs, and encouraged migration to cities. Urbanization is a process that refers to the change in a country when its rural population migrates to urban areas; the rate at which, the proportion of a region living in towns and cities is growing.

Moving in U.S is brought about by issues like employment, shelter, water, social welfare, sewage, political machines, hygiene, role of government, etc. In the United States, even the rural population is urbanized since farmers are more efficient in buying manufactured goods and producing a surplus of materials for selling and a variety of essentially urban services. Urbanization is explained in terms of either ‘push factors’- conditions in the place of origin which migrants see as detrimental to their well-being or economic security (high unemployment, political persecution), and ‘pull factors’- state of affairs in new places that magnetize individuals to move there (job opportunities, good climate). Urbanization cannot be stopped for it exists and will continue to grow.

Literature review

The 2005 Revision of World Urbanization Prospects says that the world is expected to continue to urbanize as 60 per cent of the universal population is projected to live in cities by 2030. Urban dwellers increase in number gives the best sign of the scale of these exceptional trends: city populace augmented from 220 million in 1900 to 732 million in 1950,

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