United States Budgets Billions of Dollars for Space Exploration

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Have you wondered why United States budgets billions of dollars annually for space exploration? Space exploration involves the physical examination of the cosmos by means of humans and robotic spacecrafts. It provides us with a valuable knowledge and understanding about matters and phenomenon in the universe that is used for human benefit. Moreover, space exploration is a capital-intensive project that requires a huge amount of human resource to implement.

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Although it may be expensive, there are enormous benefits of space exploration that protect and improve the quality of life on the earth. One of the primary benefits of Space exploration is that it led to the invention of weather and communication satellites. To begin with, weather satellites are used to monitor signs of climate change and natural disaster. Besides, it helps us to understand the process and impacts of weather variability. According to Kristine Rainey, An imaging system aboard the station, ISS SERVIR Environmental Research, and Visualization System (ISERV), captured photographs of Earth from space for use in developing countries affected by natural disasters ( 15 Ways). During the time of disasters, the analysis of images provided by satellites helps to alleviate the impact of natural of disasters such as wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and flood on the environment.

Furthermore, the importance of communication satellites cannot be overstated. It makes our daily activities such as using the car navigation system, internet, and mobile phone possible. In addition, communication satellites provide aircraft and ships with geo-positioning information. Furthermore, spinoff technologies are another benefit of Space exploration. To start with, spinoff technologies are those innovations,

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