Uniforms And Its Effect On Public School

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As students and parents, there is a need for safer schools, with less bullying, gang violence, discrimination, and distractions, and more learning. Well, there is one solution to help with these problems in our publish schools, school uniforms. There are a high number of issues going on in public schools today, rich or poor: gang violence, discrimination, bullying, suicide, failing students, competition, and so much more. The NEA, national educators, stated, “Bullying impacts approximately 13 million students every year, and some 160,000 students stay home from school each day because of bullying”(NEA). There is a solution that can reduce the amount of these issues in public schools, school uniforms. It sounds too simple, maybe even crazy, but from personal experiences, studies and data, and journals prove otherwise. Therefore, should be school uniforms in all public schools to help with safer and better environment for students to learn and grow.

Some students hate the thought of having to wear uniforms, but if you look at the effects of uniforms, they would see it is not as bad as you think. Students want to express themselves with their clothes, they feel they are entitled to wearing whatever they want. All schools whether the students like it or not have a dress code policy that all students are forced to follow anyway. Uniforms are just a step up, a step towards good. There are still ways to express yourself with having uniforms in schools. Who better to tell the differences and how they are beneficial than a girl who has been to school wearing uniforms in a private school, as well as not wearing uniforms in a public school. A girl named Samantha Schmitz has done both uniforms and no uniforms in her years of school. She is now a junior in high school and wore uniforms during middle school. She said, “I liked having uniforms for many reasons: it took me like five minutes to get ready, no one cared how I looked, No one judged what I was wearing, and everyone just saw each other for who they really are”(Schmitz).

Samantha understood that yes she could not wear comfy sweats to school, but at least no one cared what she wore and she wore the same uniform every day. Uniforms are great for the reasons she listed and it helps the parents not have their children take an hour or so to get out the door every morning. Samantha also understood that she could not express herself to the full extent off kids who do not have to wear uniforms. She explains, “ I still got to express myself through dress, by spirit days, accessories, sports, and more accessories. But I expressed myself by making friends and telling them about myself” (Schmitz). There are many ways to express yourself while still wearing a uniform. Uniforms help with making friends, getting ready easier in the morning on students and parents, and school spirit. It also helps students not see each other as poor or rich,

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