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The term Uniform Civil Code connotes the idea of same set of civil rules for the citizens irrespective of their religion, caste, etc. Civil law governs the matters pertaining to marriage, adoption, inheritance, succession and so on. In India such matters of the citizens are still governed by the personal laws of their respective communities. It’s the mandate upon the state as a directive principle of state policy to promulgate a Uniform Civil Code for whole the country. But even after 66 years of independence it is just a distant dream leading to various ambiguities in the interpretation of personal laws. So, the present paper is deliberating upon the importance of uniform civil code as a tool to create religious harmony, there by promoting fraternity as enshrined in the Constitution. The need for uniform civil code was presented by female activists in the beginning of the 20th century, with the objective ofwomen’s rights, equality and secularism


1) Uniform civil code will strengthen the status of women and lower castes people as many laws are favorable to them.

2) The code is the sign that the country has crossed the barriers of caste and religion considerations.

3) Modern, equal and gender sensitive laws are the need of the country and Uniform civil code serves the purpose.

4) The code is the sign that the country has crossed the barriers of caste and religion considerations.

5) The code will help to reduce vote bank politics.


If uniform civil code comes into existence, the same rule will apply to all the people of the nation without considering their religion, caste, with regards to divorce, marriage, adoption, property, maintenance, and inheritance. The last central government did not touch this sensitive issue as it involved personal sentimental values of people towards their religion. The first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru sighted the need of uniform civil code during his tenure, but he was only able to include it in the directive principles of the constitution.


“The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”.

This provision was made to promote unity and integrity which is the cherished goal enshrined in the preamble to our constitution.Article 44 of the Indian constitution aims at social justice and equality to all the citizens of India. The Uniform Civil Code, includes all legal aspects, social events in matter of birth, death, marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, succession, and adoption etc. It also relates to the rights and freedoms given by the Constitution of India, but it does not relate the social practices and cultural customs.


The goa civil code is also known as goa family law,

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