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1.) Executive Summary

Uni-eText Solution is an academic e-book provider, offering 3 main products and services categories relevance with education e-text books to meet the various requirements of niche target groups in education sector including undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and researchers in universities and academic institutes all over Australia. The company solution is one of an innovative products and services which is developed from the idea of lifelong leaning where anywhere, anytime learning is an important aspect and even on any devices is currently possible as the emerging of information and communication technology era especially from the popularity and trends of mobility and internet on mobile devices including mobile phone; iPhone, Smartphone, Blackberry, Android, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, iPad, and e-book readers which is a part of one’s daily life. So the company’s products and services is designed to operate as an intermediary web portal collaborating with publishers, authors and academic institutes providing e-book online subscription (online reading), e-book electronic rental supporting to read in anytime, anywhere and any mobile devices and/or computer-based devices with desired specific rental time period (offline reading) and the buyout option available while the company’s free stylish and trendy e-book reader software is available on most of popular devices which also concerning with intellectual properties and be able to maintain the copyright for the publishers and authors.

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Uni-eText Solution’s business objective is to be one of the best e-text book providers with high quality services and support to meet high customers’ and partners’ satisfaction while reasonable and affordable pricing scheme for academics is concerned. The company’s marketing objectives is aimed to have gradually positive growth at 5% every month during the first year and increasingly growth by 10% monthly within 2 years. The company also target to achieve 10% market share (around 100,000 units sales) in the first year and to reach 20% market share (around 200,000 unit sales) within 2 years. In addition, the company intend to maintain and increase customers’ buying retention rate (repeat order and networking to others peers) to increase market penetration rate to achieve as one of the top five academic e-book provider in Australia within 2 years while achieved partners’ (publishers and academic institutes) and customers’ high satisfaction rating at 80% from conducted survey. Uni-eText Solution will be one of a desirable source as academic e-text portal website, online knowledge sharing and social networking connecting academics, institutes, students, parents and communities. In order to achieve the business objective and financial object expecting the sales revenues to reach $2.2M in the first year and increased to $5.4M in following year with overall Net Profit Margin at 15% and 20% respectively, the company will focus on niche market strategy and product differentiation to gain competitive advantage. The company will use push strategy, cooperate and create good relationship with academic institutions by giving them profit sharing and incentive scheme in order to have them as distribution channels and get them involve in marketing activities in order to create more opportunity for repeat purchasing and increase market share and sales revenue.

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