Unethical Behavior In An Organization

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Problem Statement

How can we distinguish whether the decisions we make at work are right or wrong? What is right to us may not be seen as right to others, or the other way around. As our book mentions we face ethical dilemmas and ethical choices in which we are required to identify right and wrong conduct (Robbins & Judge, 2017). As people we all have different mindsets and do not think the same as others. We may face challenges in our workplace or school as a result of this. Determining the ethically correct way to behave is especially difficult for both managers and employees in a global economy because different cultures have different perspectives on certain ethical issues (Robbins & Judge, 2017). I chose this topic on unethical behavior in an organization, because at one point in our life we have faced or will face a situation where we ask ourselves, if our behavior in the workplace is right or wrong.

Barsky refers to, immoral and corrupt behaviors interchangeably as unethical behaviors, which are defined as behaviors that are generally considered wrong within a given society (Barsky, 2008). Business organizations and academic institutions have developed tests, booklets, and even activities in the workplace to help minimize unethical behavior. Having good ethics is not only important in the workplace, but also important in life and it’s just a sense of having human morale. Furthermore, not all of us are taught what ethics is at home or what is considered unethical behavior in an organization. Now, it is more important than ever to know what unethical behavior is, as well as knowing as what good ethics is. Unethical behavior of employees in the workplace or members of an organization not only threatens the reputation of the affected organizations, but also has a devastating effect on theses organizations. It does not only harm, but also puts at risk the human relations of the organization. (Singh & Twalo, 2015)

Reasons for the Problem

Benefits their organization

A reason why unethical behavior occurs within a business organization is because members or employees want to benefit their organization. Individuals in ethical dilemma situations often face a motivational conflict between the desire to maximize self-interest and the desire to act morally appropriate ways. (Sheldon & Fishbach, 2015). Cheating, dishonesty, stealing, breaking ethical norms or standards are all considered unethical behavior done by employees to benefit their bosses, the organization that they are in. (Bazerman & Gino, 2012). We think that we are doing a good to the company or organization we are in by participating in unethical activity. In an article published by Informs, Elizabeth Umphress and John Bingham stated that, Although employees may aim to help, the end results of their actions may be inconsistent with their intentions. For instance an employee may choose to destroy potentially incriminating documents to protect the organization, but the destruction of these documents may not result in any form of the organizational benefit.

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