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The Great Recession and The Unemployment Rate

Work is important to most of our lives , that enables us to get by in the world, but also itr’s the key to now we define ourselves and to our sense of self-worth. At the end of the Great Recession, the unemployment rate peaked at 10.0 percent (in October 2009) which has significantly increased […]

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Examining Unemployment Rates

In order to participate in a nationr’s economy, money is required for consumers to purchase goods and services offered. Most consumers earn money through employment, and the number of individuals in a nation that are employed has been an important measure of economic stability (Boone, Berston, & Kurtz, 2016). The gross domestic product (GDP) is […]

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Technological Unemployment Due to Automation

Automation, historically speaking, has been the processes or procedures performed, in businesses like manufacturing, without aid from people. Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers, and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other […]

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Unemployment in the Great Recession

The Great Recession was an economic disaster that made an effect on world financial markets. Along with banking industries and real estate industries. This disaster led to high increases in home mortgage foreclosures all over the world. It caused tons and tons of people to lose their savings, jobs, and even their homes. The Great […]

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Effects of Long-Term Unemployment Insurance

Through econometric regression techniques, this research seeks to analyze data in regard to the effects of Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI) extended beyond the initial allocation cap on Unemployment. This research will explore the extension of such benefits within the United States through the examination of original research in economics and government databases. This research will […]

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How Are Governments Responding to Unemployment around the World?

Unemployment in June was as low as it was back in April of 2000, right at 3.8%. Because of the tallies made back in June, 15,000 new jobs have been added to the labor market in the United States (Soergel, 2018). In 1969, employment rates rose greatly, which would be hard to sustain for the […]

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The Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment refers to the condition of being jobless or the proportion of unemployed individuals to the civilian workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every individual out of employment is not jobless. To be factored in the unemployment rate one does not necessarily be without employment but also they must have actively searched for […]

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Unemployment and Crime

I. Introduction For a long time, crime has been the most irritating issue among social disorders. Individual in society are always concern about crime and the its implication it has on society and country. People are always scared about what happen in their community and always look forward to ways the can reduce or stop […]

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Reducing Unemployment as a Way of Reducing Crime Rate

Poverty is the mother of crime, these were the words by Magnus Aurelius that I concur too. Crime is a rampant social and economic problem that exists in all countries including the United States. If one was asked to point out even a single state where there is no crime. It would be difficult to […]

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Root Causes of Unemployment Among College Graduate

Higher study plays a centric position in the direction of an individual’s expert life. Many human beings are about the view as the position about university lesson is in accordance with basically facilitate a graduate’s action looking endeavours. Others accept as true with so except this, the excellent ramifications a college can grant because of […]

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Unemployment and The Government’s Response of Ukraine

Introduction When it comes to corruption, Ukraine ranks 144 out of 177 countries, tying with Nigeria, Iran and the Central African Republic. (9). Ukraine, such a beautiful and rich in its resourcer’s country. Economic development in Ukraine stayed unassuming in 2017, at 2.5% for the second year in succession. Destitution stays above pre-emergency levels, however, […]

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Unemployment through United States

Social Problem: Unemployment Throughout the United States Presentation Working a strong nine to five occupation, adding to society, and paying your bills are a couple of qualities Americans endeavor to live by. None of these anyway can be practiced if a man is jobless. The joblessness rate in Hawaii is as of now at 4.6% […]

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About A Structural Unemployment

Structural unemployment can be defined as unemployment that exists as a result of rigidities in the labor market, such as a fall in the demand for a particular type of labor. There are three common causes of structural unemployment. First, new technologies push certain types of labor into irrelevancy. Many of the major technological advancements […]

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Unemployment and Crime Problems

Crime is a global problem, which has negative effects on the economy of every nation by destabilizing the peace and stability of the country. Crime is a threat to life and property, thereby impacting directly and indirectly on the victims of crime and criminal offenders if was caught. Apart from these effects, crime also creates […]

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Income Inequality And Unemployment Governance In Nigeria

The different human capital stocks that every individual in a society has creates disparity in opportunity, particularly in the living environment. As the educational level of individuals raises, the ability for maximizing opportunities and, in return, income also usually increases, Muller, (2002), OECD, (2000); Abdullah et al, (2015), Yang and Qui, (2016). However, an increase […]

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The Costs of Unemployment

When workers become involuntarily unemployed, there are several costs associated which they will unquestionably have to bear. These could come from the fact that there are certain firm-specific skills that an individual has, thus leading to scarce opportunities for individuals searching for jobs matching their specific skills (Lazear, 2003). Moreover, the costs could be associated […]

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About A Technological Unemployment

Self-checkout machines have been starting to show up everywhere, from the local Walmart to stores across the globe. Before these machines came to fruition, those areas used to house employee operated check-out machines. Those employees were eventually replaced for a faster and easier check-out method. Knowing that your livelihood and job can be deterred by […]

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Impacts Unemployment on The Health and Wellbeing of People

The unemployed person will be thinking of all the problems proceeding no regular incomes. The victim is most likely to be isolated from the surrounding people and community, creating a lesser chance of seeking help and assistance from others. Mental health also leads to depression. Upon all the thinking and worrying, such feelings can create […]

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A Cause and Effect of Unemployment

In this modern globalization, a developed countryr’s living standard can be measured by the unemployment rate to determine whether the country going well or poorly. According to the Department of Statistic Malaysia, it mentioned Malaysia has been recorded the unemployment rates among the fresh graduates are in the range of 10% to 12% which is […]

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Unemployment Has Negative Effects on Society

The most significant challenge that my nation face is the youth unemployment, these past years there has been high rate of unemployment in Kurdistan region of Iraq which led to social and economic issues in the community as a whole. It causes direct effect on the growth of the financial system. The government lack of […]

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Record-Low Unemployment

Unemployment in America is reaching new lows which makes the business owners to go out and find candidates with work ethic to work for them. Nationally, according to Smialek and Newkirk, the unemployment rate is expected to drop below 4 percent in the US. This effect will have a big impact on small towns and […]

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About Unfair Unemployment

At the beginning of Barbara Ehrenreichr’s book “The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream,” Ehrenreich mentions issues such as blue-collar and white-collar unemployment and the issues they raise. She sets aside blue-collar, not saying that it is less important than white-collar, to talk about white-collar unemployment and how it cant be as easily ignored as […]

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Views of university students on unemployment

This study considers the effectiveness of Public and Private sector SME-development programs and current development of SMEs in AJK. Some important facts are presented. A comprehensive international literature study was undertaken. A questionnaire was developed for small and medium sized-enterprises owners and top managers to access the status of their enterprises and also to examine […]

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