Understanding Quality Information

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Understanding Quality Information * Quality improvement is finding different outlets to execute plans on improving an already in place process. Chapter four in “The Healthcare Quality Book” by Keith Warren outlines and explains quality improvement. Warren applies it to the health care and gives different case studies to explain it. Quality improvement evolves different factors to properly execute any plans for the new process. Warren helps the reader understand the healthcare foundational frameworks of quality improvement. In chapter two: Basic Concepts of Healthcare Quality by Leon Wyszewianski explains why various health care stakeholders define the quality of care differently and the roles of various clinicians and patients in quality improvement. After understands QI the reader can know why quality management needed in the healthcare industry and areas must be monitored for quality. Warren also explores some of the accrediting and regulatory organizations are involved in quality improvement their roles and the helpful resources and organizations affect quality improvement. All of these factors are the reason QI is very important health care. The first thing that needs to be explored is the foundation of QI. “The strength and principles of the foundation of a product, belief, or concept can define the sustainability of that product, belief, or concept. “ (Warren, 2008) Meaning it is important to understand the product that needs improving and how the improvement can sustain itself. Finding ways to improve quality can be easy but being able to sustain it is not easy. QI needs to be planned and tested before it becomes a permanent change. One of the best ways to describe this view is the idea of Joseph Juran. Joseph Juran is one of the major contributors of QI’s development. He thought that the foundation of QI was based on three main steps called the Juran’s Quality Trilogy. The trilogy describes three interrelated processes: quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement. The idea is based on the outline below: (Warren, 2008) This figure explains each step in the trilogy. Quality planning is first identifies the need that should be improvement and the development of a plan to fix those inefficient processes. Understanding the customer is the first thing that needs to be done. If improver cannot identify itself customer then there is no point in improving anything. After identifying the customer than next should be the identification of the customer’s needs; once the needs are finalizes the improver can plan the attack of improving those unmet needs. Finally, the improver can then advance to the QI portion.

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