Understanding and Solving Drug Addiction

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The reality of drug addiction can be very scary and disruptive for both the user and their family and friends, affecting their lives forever. The availability of dangerous and addictive drugs is increasing, and the pressure to take the risk and try them is as well. The effects of each drug may seem fun or helpful at first, but many times, trying the drug simply once is enough to trigger a downward spiral by causing addiction, extreme appearance and behavioral changes, and separation between loved ones.

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There are many different kinds of addictive drugs, illegal and prescription, all of which vary in short-term and long-term effects, but there are also many different ways to treat addiction to different substances using trusted confidants and professionals at substance abuse facilities, however, the addict can only be helped if he submits himself willingly and puts in the effort to get his life back on track.

There are two categories of addictive substances: illegal and prescription. Illegal drugs are typically more dangerous to acquire, but prescription drugs can be way more dangerous because of how easy they are to get ahold of. Beginning with a legal drug, nicotine seems to be one of the least harmful of addictive drugs. Nicotine is typically inhaled through cigarettes, cigars, vape devices, or pipes, but it can also be consumed by chewing tobacco or nicotine gum (Felman). The effects of using nicotine products can leave the user feeling euphoric, and lightheaded and dizzy; the negative effects present themselves very slowly compared to the immediate euphoria (Felman). Using nicotine products can lead to addiction, mouth cancer, gum disease, lung cancer, stomach cancer, bad odor, throat cancer, and eventually death, which does not seem relevant to the user when they first use nicotine products (Felman).

Another addictive and even more dangerous drug is cocaine. Cocaine is an illegal and recreational substance that is hardly ever used to self-medicate, but more often at parties or with friends for fun. Many cocaine users say there were no specific reasons why they used it other than curiosity or slight peer pressure (Short and Long-Term). Cocaine is a fine, white powder that is usually snorted, but is possible to consume using other methods. The immediate effects of cocaine are extreme sensitivity, intense happiness, increased energy, paranoia, and a decreased appetite (Short and Long-Term).

This high, derived solely from cocaine, lasts only a few hours. After the peak, the high decreases in a way that causes headaches, nausea, and depression, which is called the comedown (Short and Long-Term). These symptoms are so unpleasant that the user will use more and more cocaine until they run out in order to avoid this comedown. Possible long-term damage can result from cocaine usage to the nasal,

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