Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism disorders increase during 2016 to the present and is one of the most common disorders development. Autism Spectrum Disorders affects all races and ages it affects boy’s three to four more than girls. Children diagnosed with autism disorder demonstrate special skills development.

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Childs with Autism Spectrum Disorder show different symptoms, challenge, and abilities. There are three different types of Autism spectrum disorders but they all of three together call Autism Spectrum disorder. Level one is a high function; child need lest help there are more independent, level two is moderate is in the middle of level one and three, and last level several they need a big help and manage their daily life. Children with early sign of autism disorders affect a child’s developmental, social emotional, Speak language communication, and behavior.

Autism Disorders is visible by age of three to four years old, the characterized is a daily routine, body movements, changes of the environment, sensory effects, social skills, eye contact and unusual reaction, if the child’s present this characterized talk with the pediatrician most the child be evaluated because during the early development stages of a child, also child with autism effect the five senses many children with autism has very sensitive of the earing touch, and smell sights (for example I have a child and my class with autism spectrum disorders he is very sensitive of children’s screaming, the fire alarm, or loud music, usually A.S at meal time he smell the food after eating, also during work time activities he doesn’t like touch any materials like paint, or glue and with continuing with his routine during every day if we change the routine he has tantrum).

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