Types and Research of Paragraphs

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Paragraphs are a combination of multiple grouped sentences focusing on a single subject. The first sentence should not be detailed but relevant to the subject topic. It is the foundation of every topic in forms of persuasiveness, narration or creative. Paragraphs are built on four elements this comprises of unity, coherence, order, and completeness. The Fender – Bender paragraphs are aligned in a systematic order in consideration of the characteristics required. The objective of this paper is to learn the construction structure of paragraph in Fender Bender novel.

The first sentence does meet the requirement of the structural elements of a paragraph. It begins with creating the attention of the topic related to the subject matter it attributes. It is not detailed as the law’s requirements. The quotes are based on the unity and coherence of storylines. They are created from the next occurrence of events that are to take place. The quote analysis offers the reader interactive environments by drawing their attention. The attitude of the writer can be expressed in the writing skills of the motion of the sentences. The information given by every quote can portray the completeness and order in the paragraphs.

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The last sentences give the connection of the completeness of a paragraph. For example, the above cases have been in transition with the next paragraph. The unification of the sentences offered is drawn from the laying of the information from one paragraph to the next. The fluid pose is created by the formation of the concurrent of the events explanation. The movement from one event to the other creates a good transition.

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