Twelve Angry Men: Justice and Law

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In the film 12 irate men a gathering of legal hearers are given the errand of choosing a decision for an 18-year old kid who is blamed for killing his dad. At first look the case is a simple scenario. There is one hearer, legal hearer number 8, who isn’t persuaded that the kid is blameworthy.

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Whatever remains of the gathering attempts to refute attendant number 8. As the film advances it turns out to be all the more an investigation of the legal hearer’s unpredictable identities and through all the consideration they discover the respondent not blameworthy. The gathering of members of the jury every interpretation of their own job and together experience huge numbers of the parts of gathering elements we have talked about and learned in class. As the members of the jury go into the pondering room they encounter the shaping phase of Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Group Development. The legal hearers began to banter with one another discussing some inconsequential things and a few things identified with the case. This was the beginning of their gathering. They currently had an assignment to finish, so they began to become more acquainted with one another. One of the qualities of the framing stage from the Stages of Team Development handout is, “”dialogs about what data should be assembled””.

The gathering did this when they all went around and gave their thinking of why they said the kid was blameworthy. A great part of the juror’ personality turned out amid this point in the film. Legal hearer number 7 built up himself as the pressure reliever, a job from the Functional Roles of Group Members Handout. He utilized silliness all through the motion picture to help up the disposition or to help make his point. At times it was useful, yet most occasions it was unhelpful. In William Worsmorth’s article When Does a Group Look Like a Groupie states “”…all bunches require a bit of cohesiveness; else the gathering would break down and stop to exist as a gathering””. Hearer number 1 played the job of the gathering facilitator. He ensured the gathering was keeping focused and getting along enough to remain focused. I figure he didn’t do the best employment as a facilitator; there were ordinarily when the gathering was off assignment and he neglected to hold the core interest. Legal hearer number 9, the more seasoned noble man, began off the motion picture filling the job of the supporter, he talked when he expected to yet generally obliged the stream of the gathering. Towards the finish of the motion picture he discovered his voice and turned into an exceptionally dynamic individual from the gathering.

In this film the gathering rapidly discovered clash. Hearer number 7 was the hero of the group.He couldn’t help contradicting every other person and through his difference assumed control over the gathering.

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