Tuesdays with Morrie: Themes

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Life through death

After Mitch learned about Morrie’s situation, he began to visit him every day on Tuesday. Each visit was like a class and focused on learning about life while facing death. Morrie emphasizes that life is delicate and everyone should spend his life while doing important things like having close friends while loving life and family. He also says that being so close to death is what made him live to the fullest. Morrie says that a better method is to live every moment to its fullest and as if you could die at any time. Morrie also says that he will still be living partially even when he is dead, as the love and memories he gives are what will live on.

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The rejection of culture in favor of self-created values

Morrie contributes in a message of rejecting cultural values and instead develop his own. He says that popular culture is authoritarian in which the human community must suffer. Morrie encourages Mitch to free himself from cultural dictatorship which makes people lack happiness in favor of creating his own culture laid on acceptance, love and open communication. The author also creates his own subculture, believing that dependency and physical appearance is nothing to be ashamed of as everyone is the same and thus we should love each other equally although the culture lacked love and made one to feel threatened.

Acceptance through detachment

Morrie is able to step out of his physical surroundings into his own state of consciousness for the sake of gaining perspective in a stressful situation. He detaches himself from the experience when he suffers coughing spells and does not intend to stop feeling so. He wants to experience the situation entirely. He practices this often during life-threatening situations because he does not want to die upset or scared. He detaches himself so that he can be able to embrace his death easier since it is approaching and accept the situations in his life. He understands his memories will forever live on in others.

The Interview

Rosa is a 74-year-old mother and grandmother. She was born October 30, 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. Her father worked for the Norfolk Railway, and her mother was a homemaker. Rosa was the oldest of eight children and they lived in a two bedroom house. She is the aunt of my husband and has always taken a liken to me.

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