Truth Is Found Deep Within The Soul

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Caring for the soul can be difficult and I find that some people lack soul at all. By accepting our weaknesses, gives us the power to help heal the soul. We can heal the soul and care for it in several ways, which include; accepting our faults and learning from them, by giving it our all in things and trying to make the best of terrible situations, and understanding and listening to our soul’s needs to thrive.

Moore claims that without soul, whatever we find will be unsatisfying, for what we truly long for in the soul in each of these areas (xvi). He then goes on to explain what a soulful personality consists of, Complicated, multifaceted, and shaped by both pain and pleasure, success and failure (xvi). Can someone be satisfied by something they love without having a soul? No, I don’t believe they can. A man that has all the money in the world can lack romance if he doesn’t have a soul. To truly love someone other than yourself you would have to have soul. Soul is like 6th sense. Its feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and soulful. Without these components I don’t think it would be satisfying in any way.

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When Moore is talking to the man who hates his job, he asks him have you ever thought of being where you are, of entering fully this job that you’re putting your time and energy into? (8). He doesn’t tell him to chase his dreams, in other words Moore is telling this man that if he gives it a try and puts his energy into his work and engages in his work then he might find it easier to do his job and find it more enjoyable. This is a man who has been working for over ten years in the same place. In my opinion, I like how Moore handles this. If the gentleman really disliked this job there is no way he would stick around. There had to be some form of love for the job without realizing it. I personally have left jobs I didn’t like and never gave it a second thought on how it would affect the business. Even now, I have a job where it’s not the job that I don’t like it’s the co-workers,

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