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The Uncertainty of Truth: The Importance of Fake and Fact

What is truth? The age old question that many have been asking over and over again, from the time of Aristotle, to today with Cornel West. For some, truth is found in religion. To others, truth is found in self. Some spend their lifetimes seeking genuine truth. Others do not give it a second thought. […]

The Importance of Trust

It was a relaxing and lazy sort of day. The air was still, the leaves were hardly rustling, and nothing much seemed to be happening. It was the sort of day that something leads to mischief. Inside my brother and I were sitting around, not doing anything in particular. My brother, who was in first […]

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Moment of Truth

Feeling unwanted or dispensable is too common, especially in this society. It’s almost as if we are invisible. This is quite literal for the main character in the novel The Invisible Man. Manifestly, you can extrapolate what the book consists of. The main character is introduced to the novel as a stranger, later on, in […]

Arming Faculty: The Truth and Reality

With the ever-growing threat of school shootings happening amongst the United States of America, people have chosen to look elsewhere to help protect the least protected, the students. One such method is to arm the faculty. While there is some backlash, such as possible student access to the weapons, uncertainty of teacher person mental history, […]

Citizenship and the Pursuit of Truth

The question of truth and reasoning with respect to good citizenship has long been the topic of philosophical debate. Ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato pondered the question of truth and ethics. The questioning persisted as modern philosophers continued to define our role as human beings in determining truth and applying that truth […]

The Truth About Rap Drastically Changing Society

“Hey, Slim, that’s my girlfriend screamin’ in the trunk, but I didn’t slit her throat, I just tied her up”(Eminem). Rap music is a bad influence on teenagers, and plays a huge role in many kids lives (Abdul-Karim). It creates kids being violent, with the influence of violent context in songs that lead to drug […]

The Truth About Change

Humans strive for stability, so when faced with change, stability’s greatest threat, people shy away. Nevertheless, in order to succeed in a world where technology and beliefs are constantly evolving, one must be willing to change themselves. Published in 1975, E.L. Doctorow’s historical novel Ragtime traverses the line between history and fantasy, investigating the lives […]

The Truth about Nature

The thing about nature is that it, in comparison to its definition, is always changing. Additionally, nature means something else to everyone. Some people view nature as a window into freedom, while some people see nature as a scary entity that should not be tampered with. Some think that nature is a source of material […]

Everyone Establishes Their Own Truth

Different people share different experiences and therefore everyone establishes their own truth. Truth is something that is created by one’s opinions and although the truth is something that we consider as morally right, the truth is not always used for the right reasons. The truth never shifts into something else and it is in constant […]

Obfuscation of Truth

The Southern United States has time and time again proven to be an endlessly intricate bubble of cultural identity and history. This region, most often remembered by its bloody, rebellious, and oppressive past has had to grapple with many changes to their institutions as the rest of the United States progressed without them. The most […]

Hidden Truths

A shocking study from CBC News revealed: around 97% of women have negative thoughts about themselves at least once a day (CBS News). The problem of negative body issues is not a new dilemma and has been around for some time. The poem Barbie Doll written by Marge Piercy explores this issue and makes a […]

Ugly Truth

Embracing individuality has become more of a nuisance in society rather than a declarative freedom. In Andrew Solomon’s,Son, differences have created a huge social divide between strangers, but more importantly amongst families as well. Solomon highlights the idea that family structures are corroborated by a parent’s inability to accept the ‘illnesses’ of their own children […]

The Truth of Disresepct

The tradition of singing the national anthem at sporting events started amid the 1918 baseball World Series. During the seventh-inning stretch of the first game between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, the band started to play The Star-Spangled Banner (it was not the official national song around then). Players turned to confront […]

Truth Is Found Deep Within The Soul

Caring for the soul can be difficult and I find that some people lack soul at all. By accepting our weaknesses, gives us the power to help heal the soul. We can heal the soul and care for it in several ways, which include; accepting our faults and learning from them, by giving it our […]

The Underlying Truth: The Locavore Movement

Sometimes a new and hot trend is not everything it is portrayed to be. For the majority of people, the concept of locavorism is foreign. But for others, this is a lifestyle they have committed to. The term locavore can be defined as one who exclusively purchases and consumes foods from local farms or farmers. […]

Do You Agree With The First Two Noble Truths?

“Oh, it is real. It is the only real thing. Pain. So let us name the truth, like men. We are born to joy that joy may become pain. We are born to hope that hope may become pain. We are born to love that love may become pain. We are born to pain that […]

Maus: A Work of Subtle Nuances to Define Truth

When discussing compelling and highly nuanced literary works, most would not consider a graphic novel capable of delivering any kind of high caliber or highly nuanced level of information. Until recently, graphic novels have been a novelty pastime shared only by children and adolescents. Modern graphic novels like Maus are starting to challenge these notions […]

The Real Truth of Poultry Genetically Modified Meat

People do not realize the true dangers they face in their own homes. Consumers idealize this safe place but, in reality, we are far from being safe. Food is something you wouldn’t think to fear; many consumers tend to believe that they are buying natural products but in reality, they are actually consuming modified foods. […]

Life and The Truth

The theme, truth can be deceived depending on the perspective that it it being told from, is revealed in Monster by Walter Dean Myers and The Tale-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan poe, even through the text are structured differently. The reality of truth is based on the narrator’s perception of the text. The bookMonster by […]

The Ugly Truth About Football

Football is one of America’s favorite past time. We love seeing colossal men knocking the crap out of each other every Sunday during the fall. But with every hit, it can lead to a concussion. A concussion is a brain injury that may be caused by a blow to the head, face, neck or elsewhere […]

Should She Tell the Truth?

Dr. Lance is in a resilient position because she has a decision to make. Dr. Lance knows that Mr. Battin is shorting prescriptions, and she knows that it is morally wrong for him to be doing this. Mr. Battin is the owner of the pharmacy, so she might be hesitant to inform the department that […]

Seeking The Truth In Literature

Communication, what a usual word to say and hear. If you let me take your point of view to a little different dimension, where this word becomes much deeper and meaningful. Communication is the heart of society, it is what makes people something. Some can use it perfectly, some doesn’t even know how to use […]

Denying the Truth and Passing the Blame

The truth is hard to admit, especially to ourselves. The way we as humans deal with it, is by blaming others and finding scapegoats with or without reason. Whether it is blaming our parents for ruining our weekend and not letting us go out because we haven’t cleaned our room in a month, or a […]

Hegel’s Freedom Fulfillment & James Truth

Do you agree with Hegel that one cannot find true freedom or fulfillment apart from the life of the community? Hegel’s assertion that one cannot find true freedom or fulfillment outside of the life of the community is one with which I agree for several reasons. Our fundamental notions of freedom and fulfillment are shaped […]

The Hidden Truths Behind America

The American daily lifestyle has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Many people blame this drastic change of cultural norms on society becoming too digitally inclined, and or on modern American politics, but going down further there can be another source found. The goal of this paper is to sort out the articles that […]

Ethical Dilemma in Truth

Have you ever been in a dilemma where the only way to get away from hurting someone’s feelings is to lie to them but then they find out and will get hurt even more or just straight up tell the truth so that you won’t feel bad lying to them? I’ve been there plenty of […]

Stonehenge: The Truth Behind the Stones

There are many theories about a mysterious rock formation in the U.K. called Stonehenge. This formation is made up of two circular shapes with two horseshoe-like shapes in the center. Many archeologists have attempted to excavate the site, as well as go there to learn more about the structure and why the ancient people built […]

An Inconvenient Truth

When oceans get warmer, harsher storms form. The moisture content and wind capacity increases of a hurricane as it goes over warmer waters (could be convection). As the storm goes over those water, the energy from the water particles in the ocean transfer the energy into the water particles in the air, transferring its heat […]

Telling Patients the Truth

In On Telling Patients the Truth, Mack Lipkin claims that medical professionals are permitted to intentionally deceive their patients by withholding information from them regarding their diagnosis and/or prognosis. He proceeds to support his claim with a few different points such as patients not wanting to know their condition, patient’s comprehension in medicine is restricted, […]

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