Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

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The headline for the article I have chosen is Daughter of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries to Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee. The main claim of the article is that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of her attempted rape by Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh is actually false and that this is all a plot by the CIA to bring down President Donald Trump. It goes on to try to prove itself by claiming that Dr. Ford is actually the daughter and sister of CIA operatives and that she is actually teaching CIA tested brainwashing techniques at Stanford University.

The headline of the article accurately represents the article, as it tells the audience what the article will be about. Also, there is no specific original source cited in the article or website for this claim. However, similar claims has popped up on the internet ever since Dr. Ford’s name became public, most likely, due to discontent by Trump and Kavanaugh supporters. The website that this news article was on is not from one of the fake news sites listed on The Daily Dot or Snopes, but confirmation involving the claim itself can be found on Snopes.

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I was attracted to this article because of the claim in the headline. Being a woman, these kinds of claims of false sexual assault reports are concerning to me, because we are the ones most known to be prey to sexual assault and harassment. These kinds of claims would make future claims doubtful and therefore, detrimental to creating a safe society for women to thrive. It also casts a negative light on women in general, which would just fuel the gender inequality in this country. What amused me was that the notes at the end claim that the website is exposing the truth to Americans so that we won’t be blinded,

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