Trifles: The Little Things That Mean A lot

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Susan Glaspell founded the Province Town Players with her husband and wrote plays for the group. She wrote her first play, Trifles in the empty theater one afternoon, she based it from a similar murder trial she had covered as a reporter (Kirszner 876). Trifles, written in 1916, was a time before Women’s Suffrage when women did not have a voice in society like the men did.

The characters in the play enter the home of the recently murdered Mr. Wright, and his wife Mrs. Wright who is being held in prison as the suspect for strangling him with a rope. The Sherriff, the County Attorney, Mr. Henderson, and Mr. Hale, who discovered the body, go to investigate the crime. Along with them came, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife. The men went to investigate the home, leaving the women in the kitchen to collect things for Mrs. Wright (Glaspell). The men were unable to find the motivation through their investigation, but the two women are able to find clues in the kitchen and through Mrs. Wrights behavior prior to the murder that suggests why Mrs. Wright may have killed her husband.

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The women first notice that various chores haven’t been done and that she messed up a stitch in her otherwise nice and even sewing. Mrs. Hale recalls how Mrs. Wright was different before her marriage she used to wear pretty clothes and be lively, when she was Minnie Foster, not the town girls singing in the choir (Glaspell 873). The women find a birdcage in the closet. Mrs.

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