Trifles: Developed Cast – Viola Davis as Mrs. Hale the Protagonist

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Viola Davis can in a way act as Mrs. Hale the protagonist, as she is an individual who will not in any way put up with the mistreatment that some of the women are facing. In the play, the women such as Mrs. Hale have to put up with a lot of sexism and there is no doubt that Viola Davis will not in any way put up with the continuous harassment.

Jennifer Lopez as Mrs. Peters

Mrs. Peters is the wife to the Sheriff, which implies that she is expected to honor and have total respect towards the law of the land. However, she helps Mrs. Hale to cover the crime. In my view Jennifer Lopez can perfectly play the role of Mrs. Peters, as she appears to be the kind of individual who can help in covering up wrong doings.

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Gabriel Match as George Henderson the County Attorney

In the play, Mr. Henderson is the County Attorney who is working towards unraveling the truth behind what has happened. He comes out as someone who is willing to all out to ensure that he establishes what truly went down and one individual who can effectively carry out that task is Gabriel Match. This based on the fact that Mr. Match always comes out as an individual who is willing to do all he can possibly can to ensure that he gets the bad guys behind bars.

Harry Lennix as the Sheriff

Sheriff Peters comes out in the paly as someone who is confused and does not know the best way to proceed with the case. As such, I hold the view that Harry Lennix can effectively carry out that task, as just as in the blacklist,

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