Treaty of Versailles triumph or tragedy

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This specifically suggests that the treaty of Versailles and the war guilt clause imposed numerous burdens on Germany and deprived it from ever being able to rise to power. This subsequently led to the development of numerous political parties that promoted national socialism such as the Nazis which ideology of racial hierarchy and Social Darwinism. These parties stood against accepting these unfair policies that just benefited the past Allied powers and were in fact imposed without Germany’s consent, as this treaty was signed by British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier George Clemenceau and US President Woodrow Wilson in the Hall of mirrors (which in fact was the same place where Germany had previously proclaimed its empire).

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All of the mixed feelings that arose from these actions became reasons that directly supported the development of the Nazi party conducted by Adolf Hitler which fed upon this hatred and proclaimed Germans as a supremacist race.

Which is why upon Hitler’s appointment as Germany’s Chancellor in 1933 he began to secretly build Germany’s army and weapons. And by 1934 he had increased the overall size of his army by building warships and creating other military branches, such as the German Air Force. Although, it all initiated following the creation of the German Workers’ Party in 1919 (which promoted German pride and anti-semitism) it was the dissatisfaction over the Treaty of Versailles and Hitler’s rise in power (primarily due to his speeches that were directed primarily the young and economically disadvantaged Germans) that paved way to the development of the Nazi Party. Furthermore, upon Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor hi autobiography Mein Kampf (which was written during his five years in prison due to the attempt to overthrow Germany’s government in 192) this book became a form of bible for the Nazi Party.

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