Treaty of Versailles Triumph or Tragedy

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Furthermore, a significant reason for why the Treaty of Versailles must be considered as a tragedy is due to the fact that it led to the overall crash of the German economy which was in fact aggravated by the Great Depression. Which led to a worldwide disintegration of the economy of powerful nations as it led to famine, poverty and disasters. This is supported by the fact that the Treaty of versailles imposed a detrimental effect on germany’s economy as it inhibited Germany’s ability to engage in overseas commerce, to transport goods, and to possess an access to its major supply of resources that were fundamental to its economy such as iron and coal..

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This was demonstrated as according to the treaty of versailles Germany had to give up on its territory of Alsace Lorraine to France, which unfortunately contains about 75% of germany’s supply of iron-ore, this was tremendously tragic to germany as since it was considered as one of the most powerful industrialized nations most of its income was based o the trading of these essential resources and since not only Germany was forced to give up most of its oil supplying territories but also provide an absurd amount of coal to Belgium, France and Italy as a way to pay for their reparations. Unfortunately, to Germany’s unfortunate Germany was heavily dependent on coal for its energy needs as it provides the electricity needed to manufacture products in the factories which is why these were unable to maintain its major source of income stability which led to chaos as it led to the hyperinflation of Germany’s economy as it over evaluated essential products such as food,

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