Treaty of Versailles and its Impact on Nazi Ideology

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World War One was the most gruesome war of its time until World War Two. It set the stage for what a modern war would be like in the early 1900s, not only this but, it also set the stage for how all future wars would be fought in the 20th century. Through this though, we learned how not to treat the losers of a war since some historians believe that ultimately the Treaty of Versailles caused the rise of Nazi ideology and Fascism in the 20th century.

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In this essay, I intend to explain to you how The Treaty of Versailles ultimately caused World War Two because of the clauses that limited the German economy and land space which allowed for the rise of the Nazi party.

Now as for the Treaty’s immediate impact on the Germans the primary issue was border changes. Many people were displaced and became different countries citizens all the sudden because of these changes. One of the bigger border changes is that loss of Alsace-Lorraine which is a resource-rich land area near the German-France border. (77) This change is area angered the Germans as they felt that the had rightly earned the territory after the Franco-Prussian war and many German people had moved over to this new territory. Therefore this change displaced many German citizens and made them French Citizens overnight. This displacement upset the displaced people as the French government was not keen on letting those ex-germans full French citizenship. Not only did Germany lose Alsace-Lorraine but they also lost the Rhine lands to France. The Rhineland prevented France from being an immediate threat to Germany and vice-versa. This change in land borders caused a change in power that made it so that Germany wasn’t a dominant power in central Europe anymore. In addition to these land losses the Germans also lost control of the Saar Bassin which France had wanted. France specifically getting this written in by adding As compensation for the destruction of the coal-mines in the north of France and as part payment towards the total reparation due from Germany for the damage resulting from the war(Treaty of Versailles 23). This allowed France to take a major economic power from Germany as well as this was one of the main coal mines used by the Germans.

Additionally, another major impact on Germany due to the Treaty was the fact that they weren’t able to join the League of Nations.

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