Travelling to Another Country with Experience Another Culture

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Culture shock is written by a man named Kalervo Oberg in 1954. Culture shock is when you go to another country an experience another culture. When I went to a local junior college right out of high school, I got to experience culture shock first hand. I wen to Paris for a week during spring break.

Me and five other students were chosen to go with two chaperones and an interpreter and go to the annual trip to Paris the school does every year. A couple of months before we went, out interpreter and our chaperones came in the evenings after our classes were over and we spent a couple of hours studying the culture of Paris and the French. We learned some of the basics of the French language and studied the history and culture of the French. Going to France was an eye opener for another world for us.

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When we got off our plane in Amsterdam and rode a train into Paris was awesome. Of course, we had just gotten off an international flight and our flight to Paris was delayed from bad weather in Paris. It was a culture shock for us. Even the hours of studying we did in the weeks before we went did not change out awesome if felt to be in Paris. That is something that will always be with us.

Paris was extradentary, the week we were there, we got to experience French culture first hand and interact with some of the people. We went to all of the touristy places and ate French food. On one of the days there after we learned the subway and the stops, we were able to go out for a couple of hours in groups and experience Paris by ourselves. I was awesome, and I hope to do it again.

The symptoms of culture shock are different with everyone but include; boredom, withdrawal, feeling isolated or helpless, sleeping a lot or tiring easily, irritation over delays and other minor frustrations, suffering from body pains and aches, longing to be back home, and unduly criticizing local customs or ways of doing things (SFU 2018). There are five symptoms of culture shock; There is the fist symptom, 1.) The honeymoon stage- you are happy, curious and excited about seeing new things. 2.) Irritability and Hostility- you start to get frustrated with the difference in cultures and the way the people do things differently. 3.) Gradual adjustment- after adjusting to the new culture and the place you’re at, you are starting to adjust to the new culture and are a lot happier. 4.) Adaptation of Biculturalism- by this time you are happy and enjoying being a new place and experiencing new things.

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